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  • Positive Guidance, Part 4: The Preschool Years

    Rated 4.68421052632 out of 5
    Course ID: CCEI4004Course Level: Beginner Course Hours: 1

    This course provides information about the use of positive guidance methods in the preschool environment. Course topics include background information on Erik Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development; descriptions of Dr. Jane Nelsen’s Eight Methods for Positive Discipline; and other important methods for promoting self esteem, personal responsibility, and good decision making in young children.

  • Positive Guidance, Part 5 – The Early School-Age Years

    Rated 4.75 out of 5
    Course ID: CCEI4005Course Level: Beginner Course Hours: 1

    This course focuses on specific guidance methods for early school-age children. Recommended methods are based on children’s developmental needs, which are significantly advanced compared to younger children. Topics include: developmental milestones of early school-age children; educational theories behind the positive guidance philosophy; goals and motivations of misbehavior; and methods for confronting a variety of specific behaviors in the school-age environment.

  • Promoting Empathy and Other Prosocial Behaviors

    Rated 4.57894736842 out of 5
    Course ID: SOC104Course Level: Beginner Course Hours: 1

    This course examines recent social research into empathy and other prosocial behaviors, as well as recommended strategies and practices for guiding young children through the early phases of empathy’s long developmental process.

  • Promover la EmpatÍa y Otras Conductas ?Prosociales?

    Rated 5 out of 5
    Course ID: ESP_SOC104Course Level: Beginner Course Hours: 1

    Este curso examina la investigación social reciente en la empatía y otras conductas “prosociales”, así como las estrategias y prácticas que se recomiende para guiar a los niños pequeños a través de las primeras etapas del proceso largo de desarrollo.

  • Successful Homework Support for School-Age Children

    Rated 4.5 out of 5
    Course ID: SCH103Course Level: Beginner Course Hours: 3

    This course provides an overview of current homework research, best practices, systems, and tools to consider using to support school-age (5-to-14 year-old) children working on homework assignments in an afterschool or out-of-school-time setting.

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